AstroVac in the media

For over 40 years, AstroVac has been importing central vacuum systems and supplying them to installers. "An AstroVac system does not blow micro dust back into the room - the dust is really out!" explains commercial director Luc Kortenhoeven.

What matters to the installer

"We have always consistently positioned ourselves as the installer's partner since our introduction in the Netherlands in 1977" he says. "We are a Van Dijnsen company. A real family business, focused on long-term relationships." AstroVac central vacuum systems are delivered from stock to installation companies from the central warehouse in Breda. "The installer is our customer. There are now some 2200 installers that we can count among our active customers. We support the installer with our own design and calculation department to ensure that each project is designed in the most efficient way. This service is free of charge and installers gladly take advantage of it.

"Once the system is installed, the installer doesn't have to pay attention to it."

What matters to the installer is three things. First of all, it is important to him that our product range has not stood still in all these years. Then he has to see a profit in it, and be able to make a healthy margin with a short time. Finally, he does not want to worry about it after it has been installed."

Ultrafine dust, a threat to health

What is crucial is that a central vacuum system does not blow any dust back into the room. Luc Kortenhoeven: "Fortunately, there is a lot of awareness of the dangers of ultrafine dust these days. Scientific research has shown that there is a direct link between ultrafine dust and health. In concrete terms: people who are regularly exposed to fine dust live one and a half years shorter. Many people do not realize that the conventional vacuum cleaner is one of the biggest spreaders of ultrafine dust. A central vacuum system, on the other hand, only removes dust and makes a substantial contribution to a dust-free and therefore healthier indoor environment." At reasonable pricing, the product is easily sold along with the other installations the installer offers. "Installers increasingly realize that they can also miss out on orders if they do not carry the product in their range. Yet there are still installers who do not work with vacuum systems and with those installers we naturally like to get in touch. That's why AstroVac is always at trade fairs like VSK and Elektrotechniek."

The customer knows what he wants

A central vacuum system is often not the first thing an installer is asked when requesting a quote. "But once discussed, many consumers do know what they want: a powerful vacuum cleaner with a hose that is not too long, and above all: very quiet! AstroVac has taken advantage of this and has a number of attractively priced machines in its range that produce only 55 dB(A) of noise in the utility room. Not all AstroVac units are this quiet, but we do have the quietest units currently available in the market. For architects, this is often a decisive argument for specifically choosing to include AstroVac in the program of demands."

"AstroVac is partner of the installer"

An important aspect is after-sales: "What if something goes wrong? And are spare parts still available 20 years after delivery? At the time of purchase the consumer does not consider this. The installer must be able to give them that confidence. To ensure the quality of our services we have our own service and maintenance department. The choice for AstroVac often follows positive mouth-to-mouth advertising from satisfied users. Partly because of this, we have grown so much in recent years that we expect to move to larger premises in the course of this year."

Filter and filterless vacuum units

Filter units filter the dust from the air and can also be used when an exhaust of air to the outside is not possible or not allowed, for example in an apartment building. Fully filterless units, on the other hand, blow a little more dust to the outside, but have continuous suction power and are as good as maintenance-free. "Qualitatively, there is no difference" says Luc Kortenhoeven. "It's just a choice. AstroVac offers both systems and can therefore advise objectively.

All vacuum units from AstroVac are equipped with an adjustable motor speed. Powerful when you need it, economical when possible. We have made this adjustment to our entire range, because we are convinced that this gives us, and therefore our dealers, an advantage in the market. After all, a hose with a simple on/off switch on the handle has been in the market for quite some time. A hose with an on/off switch and adjustable speed? That is typical of AstroVac. We deliver a good product, do everything quickly and at a competitive price. And because we are also there when something goes wrong, the installer keeps coming back to AstroVac. That is our strength."