Dust and your health

Ventilation and isolation

Homes and buildings are being better isolated and less ventilated. This greatly increases the risk of allergies. Allergic reactions only manifest themselves when people with a genetic predisposition are exposed for a longer time to allergens (allergy triggers) such as the faeces of the house dust mite.

House dust mite

The house dust mite itself can hardly be removed, not even with the most powerful vacuum cleaner. The real villains (the powdered faeces of the house dust mite), on the other hand, are efficiently removed with a central vacuum cleaning system.

dust, what is it anyway?

House dust is a collection of different particles, which are found in the air. These include hair and skin waste from humans and animals, sand, molds, feathers, rubber, smoke and particles released during cooking. Dust is lifted by air movement and always lands somewhere. So we ourselves cause dust, by moving around the premises.

What's wrong with a good powerful portable vacuum cleaner?

A portable vacuum cleaner creates a typical problem. On one hand, it is an effective way to remove dust (compared to e.g. a dustpan and brush); on the other hand, it is one of the most effective ways to spread ultrafine dust and aerosols in the indoor environment. The collected dust is filtered in the dust bag; the finest dust, which is heated by the motor, is blown back into the house. There is a significant relation between the inhalation of fine dust and health problems. People who are regularly exposed to fine dust live 1,5 years shorter. Need we say more?

And a central vacuum cleaner?

Contrary to a portable vacuum cleaner, a central vacuum cleaner blows the ultrafine dust (the filtered exhaust air) outside through a wall or roof outlet. So you really get rid of your dust!

Research report

20 years after the introduction of AstroVac in the Netherlands, Dr N.M.B.M. Driessen researched the benefits of a central vacuum system for allergic patients.

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