Retraflex is the hose that stores itself. Always within reach and always ready for use. The hose of your AstroVac disappears into the wall. Just as easy and just as fast as you take it out.

With Retraflex, you have a flexible hose at hand for vacuuming at every wall inlet. Storing the hose is no longer necessary. With a simple hand movement, it disappears back into the wall.

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How to install

Installing a Retraflex system is not much different from installing a 'now conventional' vacuum system. There are, however, some specific requirements. To the pipe run and to the materials that are used.



It is important to note that only components that have been specifically designed for Retraflex can be applied. You can still use the Astrovac Better Tube, but only in combination with original extra long RF bends. AstroVac supplies (note!) the original Retraflex 2 materials.