For most, the biggest benefit of a central vacuum system is the clean indoor environment. After all, a portable vacuum cleaner filters the air and then blows this air containing ultrafine dust (microscopic dust particles) back into the room. A central vacuum system, on the other hand, filters the air, and has a connection to exhaust the filtered and never completely clean air to the outside. AstroVac's advice is therefore to always connect this exhaust air pipe to a wall or roof outlet. Then you are really rid of your dust! In addition, you will produce much less noise in the room itself, because the motor noise will also be directed to the outside.

Don't want to, can't or aren't allowed to exhaust air to the outside? Then choose a vacuum unit with an exchangeable dust bag (from the MK series) and equip it with a high-efficiency dust bag instead of a paper one. It is then not necessary (but still possible) to create an air outlet to the outside.