Such an automatic robot vacuum cleaner seems convenient when you don't want to spend too much time on housework. You turn on the vacuum cleaner robot, go to work and come back to a clean house. Or is it not?

After all, a robot vacuum cleaner can:

  1. not vacuum the stairs
  2. not clean the furniture
  3. not get into corners
  4. not be used to vacuum the car
  5. remove spider webs
  6. not clean loose carpets
  7. not go around vases, cables, shoes etc.
  8. make no distinction between dust and 'pet accidents'
  9. frighten small children and pets
  10. consume a relatively large volume of electricity when not in use


A robotic vacuum cleaner does not vacuum as powerfully, but it can often get under low furniture just fine. When you turn a robot on every day, you need to vacuum less. The container where the dust ends up is small. Therefore you need to empty and clean the tray after every vacuuming. Also the rotating parts such as the brushes and wheels need to be cleaned regularly because hairs and dirt can get stuck in them. Such a part you usually have to unscrew. Hairs can be cut loose. The filter should be cleaned once a week and replaced every 1 to 2 months.

A robot vacuum cleaner is a gadget. A nice addition, but never a replacement.