Tender text

Central vacuum cleaning system

The premises will have a central vacuum cleaning system of the make AstroVac, to be supplied and fitted by the installer in accordance with the installation manual. The vacuum inlets must be projected in such a way that the entire area can easily be reached with a 9-metre hose. Piping for the transport of dust to be installed from the various wall inlets to the central vacuum unit, including a 24V signal cable. PVC piping is also to be installed from the central vacuum unit to the outside for the exhaust of the filtered air through the wall or the roof. The PVC piping to be 'AstroVac Better Tube' in the color white, with corresponding long bends. The scope also includes the supply of the hose as well as a complete tool set.

The plan to be prepared by AstroVac and provided with a detailed description by the contractor to be submitted to the client for approval.

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Importer: AstroVac Central Vacuum Systems
Department: design and calculation
Phone: +31(0)76-5781581

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