AstroVac Better Tube white

17 September 2012

The new AstroVac Better Tube features internally seamless joints and, when fitted correctly, flows seamlessly into the corresponding fittings. AstroVac Better Pipe is white in colour and, like any other plastic pipe, is not antistatic.

Flowing bends and tees

Unique are the 90° drawn bends and tees. This minimises the risk of blockages. Pipe and fittings can be embedded in concrete and glued with standard PVC glue.

Average 18% cheaper

AstroVac Better Pipe White is produced abroad. Thanks to good purchasing agreements, the piping system for an AstroVac central vacuum system will be on average 18% cheaper! The grey AstroVac Betere Buis which was produced customer-specifically for AstroVac by a well-known Dutch manufacturer is gradually disappearing from the range and is being sold at an attractive discount, but please note: OP = OP!