25% time saving
50% extra suction power
75% less motor noise
100% dust removal
200% value for money
free delevery from € 20
25% time saving
50% extra suction power
75% less motor noise
100% dust removal
200% value for money
free delevery from € 20


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about AstroVac products and services. Is the answer to your question not mentioned? Please contact us using the contact form or call +3176-5781581 +31 (0)76-5781581

What is the price of a central vacuum cleaning system?

This depends, among others, on the number of vacuum inlets and the required length of pipe. With the configurator you can quickly and anonymously calculate exactly within 15 seconds how much an AstroVac system will cost in your specific situation.

Is it more economical to order everything at once?

If you want to order a complete AstroVac system you can do so in several ways. For example, you can first order the rough construction materials (e.g. the pipe system and the fitting kits), and later order the rest (e.g. the vacuum inlets, the power unit, the hose, etc). Do you want to save money? Then choose to order everything at once! Then an attractive all-in-one discount will be deducted! pakketkorting in mindering gebracht!

Do the prices on the website include VAT

The prices in the webshop are shown both including and excluding VAT. You can use the slider in the webshop to indicate how you want the prices to be displayed. Are you a private person? Then choose including VAT. Do you purchase for your company? Then choose exclusive VAT. Do you see a price in a news article or somewhere else and do you doubt whether the VAT has been included? Check the price in the webshop webshop

How can I compare products?

You can compare multiple products in the same category. Here's how you do this:

  • put a check mark next to each product you want to add to the comparison
  • click on product comparison on the left of the screen
  • click on compare

You can compare up to 8 products with each other. Does the result not fit on the screen anymore? Then use the scroll bar to scroll.

When I want to compare AstroVac with another brand, what should I pay attention to?

If you want to compare several systems, it is important to get clarity on what is being offered. Sometimes the differences are bigger than they seem. The following questions should at least be asked:

  • are the prices exclusive or inclusive of VAT
  • is the power unit completely filterless, or is it equipped with a filter/dust bag
  • what is the capacity of the vacuum unit (airwatts, airflow, vacuum)
  • are the vacuum inlets made of plastic or metal?
  • does the hose have an on/off switch or (even better:) electronic speed control on the handle?
  • are, and will be, spare parts available
  • is the quantity of tube and accessories comparable
  • does the supplier offer standard PVC tube, or a piping system specially developed for the vacuum system
  • does the supplier have its own service department
  • how many years is the warranty?

What is the difference between an ES and a QA vacuum inlet?

The QA vacuum inlet is the same in size as an ES vacuum inlet. QA inlets have a straight design; ES inlets are more rounded. Both vacuum inlets fit into the same fitting kit and are therefore interchangeable. 

What is the length of the hose?

The hose length is chosen by you. Standard lengths are 7, 9 and 11 meters. The most frequently chosen length is 9 meters (excluding the handle). We would like to make you aware that a shorter hose (7 meters) is often easier to use. Based on the chosen hose length you can easily determine where to place the vacuum inlets.

How long can you make use of a dust bag?

A dust bag has a capacity of 30 (!) liters. The average use is 1 dust bag per year.

What is Retraflex?

Clean air ànd optimal comfort

Retraflex is the hose that stores itself. Always within reach and always ready for use. The hose of your AstroVac disappears into the wall. Just as easy and just as fast as you take it out.

With Retraflex, you have a flexible hose at hand for vacuuming in every wall inlet. Storing the hose is no longer necessary. With a simple hand movement it disappears back into the wall!

AstroVac supplies (note!) the original Retraflex 2 materials.


Watch here the dutch Retraflex brochure and manual

What is the delivery time

Speed delivery is standard!

Delivery is super-fast and almost always directly from stock. Every working day orders are shipped from the central warehouse according to the principle: Ordered before 12:00? Delivered the next working day.

Alternative delivery date

You can indicate if you want your order to be delivered on a different date and/or at a different address.

How to pay?

You can pay safely at AstroVac in the following ways:


You choose "iDeal" during the ordering process. You can pay trustworthy, safe and easy online through the secure environment of your own bank. You will receive a 2% payment discount, which will be visibly deducted immediately. You can pay with iDeal if you have an invoice- and delivery address in the Netherlands.


You choose "PayPal" during the ordering process. PayPal acts as an intermediary for online and mobile payments between individuals, online retailers and merchants. Payments can be made from a bank account, credit card or money received on the PayPal account. Money can also be transferred to a personal bank account through a personal PayPal account. You can pay with PayPal throughout Europe.


During the ordering process you choose "Bancontact". You can pay trusted, safe and easy online through the secure environment of your own bank. You can pay with Bancontact if you have an invoice- and delivery address in Belgium.

Sofort Banking

During the ordering process you choose "Sofort Banking". You can pay trusted, safe and easy online through the secure environment of your own bank. You can pay with Sofort Banking if you have an invoice- and delivery address in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Italy.


During the ordering process you choose "prepayment". Your order will be delivered after the amount has been credited to our account. A payment via bank transfer is usually 1 business day away. Optionally, you can check that you will be contacted by phone prior to delivery to determine a delivery date.

Transfer the amount of the order confirmation to NL45 ABNA 0520 0824 19 in the name of Van Dijnsen Multitrading BV in Breda (The Netherlands). Always mention your order number. Other information such as BIC, IBAN, VAT and Chamber of Commerce number can be found here

Cash on delivery

You choose "cash on delivery" during the ordering process. You pay the purchase amount in cash to the GLS driver upon receipt of your order. No additional costs are charged for cash on delivery payments. Cash on delivery is only possible in the Netherlands.

On account

his payment option is reserved for the official AstroVac dealers. After registration and approval this payment option will be released.

what to do if I want to return an item

After receiving your order you have 14 days to return or exchange your order - preferably in the original and undamaged packaging - without giving any reason.

1. Ask for an RZG number

If you want to return an item you are requested to first obtain an RZG number from the AstroVac customer service. You can do this by phone or by email. The RZG number will be sent to you by email.

2. Write down the RZG number

Write the RZG number on the (copy) invoice and send it along with your return shipment.

3. Send the materials to

AstroVac central vacuum systems
Warehouse (returns department)
Zinkstraat 7
4823 AD Breda - The Netherlands

Used, defective, damaged, incomplete and special ordered materials will not be taken back. The shipping costs of the return are in most cases for your account.

Do the pipes need to be antistatic?


Almost every central vacuum cleaning system in a home, store, office or similar application is assembled with a plastic (PVC) piping system. Plastic does not conduct and therefore becomes somewhat static during use. Because the central vacuum system is turned off automatically after use, the piping system has the opportunity to discharge itself.


It is a myth that anti-static piping systems are available, for example, in PVC or PPC. Also, there are no plastic fittings for piping systems that would not become static. It is said, but again: it is not true! Only grounded metal piping systems are able to conduct staticity immediately.

So what should we pay attention to for a good piping system?

The tubing should have a large flow-through opening, and minimize the chance of clogging. Therefore, the pipe thickness must be the same as the stop edge in the fittings so that there is a seamless connection inside. A requirement for this is that you shorten pipe at right angles. You can therefore install a central vacuum system using standard pipe, but the chance of clogging is slightly higher. The best result is obtained by using original Better Tube with corresponding original long bends and tees.

Can't such a system get clogged easily?

A central vacuum vacuum system may clog:
- if it is not assembled correctly (for example, with right-angled bends or inferior materials)
- if substances are vacuumed that absolutely do not belong in a vacuum system (debris, screws, water, etc.).

In reality, it seldom happens. And remember: no vacuum system has ever clogged up from dust alone!

Suppose my system is clogged, how do I fix it?

If the clog is not severe, you can often remove it yourself using, for example, a de-clogging tool. If
this does not work, call Customer Service for more tips, or call a local service technician.

Can I install an AstroVac central vacuum system myself?

Often the central vacuum system is installed by the installer during construction. The handy do-it-yourselfer has no problems with it either. With your order, a clear Dutch installation manual is included. This includes many drawings as well as the phone number of the helpdesk. Do you want to learn more about how to install an AstroVac central vacuum cleaning system? Take a look at the installation manual

Can we install such a system in an existing home?

This is possible if the house is suitable for it. Meaning that the tubing can be hidden in, for example, an accessible crawl space. As well as in the wall, you can also install the vacuum inlets in the floor.

How do I know which power unit to apply?

Do you know (roughly) what you need? With the configurator you can calculate the price of an AstroVac central vacuum system yourself within 1 minute. Simple and fast. Answer the multiple choice questions and let the calculator do the rest. With the + and - button you can adjust the numbers as you wish. Useful if you still have items in stock or if you have already fitted the piping system. After filling out the form you can delete it, print it or add it to your shopping cart.

Would you like to have a custom made design? Or would you like to apply the Retraflex hose storage system? Then go to apply and upload the drawing. You can mention your preferences in the comments. You will receive a detailed quotation for the delivery of the materials, including design and material specification, within a few working days.

How do I know if the vacuum unit is powerful enough?

Most of the time, the vacuum units are more powerful than you expect. But it may well be that you have higher requirements. Or that you want to use the machine for more or other things than just vacuuming the floors in your home. In case of doubt, you can always consult your supplier or the importer.

Can I place the vacuum unit in the attic?

No problem. Make sure that the power unit can be mounted vertically.

Can I place the power unit in a detached garage?

You can, but we strongly advise you to consult with the importer first. This is among others because of the capacity and the risk of condensation.

Does a hose with speed control function on any central vacuum system?

All AstroVac vacuum units are standard compatible with a hose with electronic speed control as of January 2013. Do you have an AstroVac vacuum unit that was delivered earlier? If so, please contact the importer to determine whether your vacuum unit is compatible with a hose with electronic speed control. This is often easy to find out from the serial number. Want to be sure? Then call +3176 - 5781581 and keep your serial number at hand.

Do I need to make an exhaust to the outside?

For most, the biggest benefit of a central vacuum system is the clean indoor environment. After all, a portable vacuum cleaner filters the air and then blows this air containing ultrafine dust (microscopic dust particles) back into the room. A central vacuum system, on the other hand, filters the air, and has a connection to exhaust the filtered and never completely clean air to the outside. AstroVac's advice is therefore to always connect this exhaust air pipe to a wall or roof outlet. Then you are really rid of your dust! In addition, you will produce much less noise in the room itself, because the motor noise will also be directed to the outside.

Don't want to, can't or aren't allowed to exhaust air to the outside? Then choose a vacuum unit with an exchangeable dust bag (from the MK series) and equip it with a high-efficiency dust bag instead of a paper one. It is then not necessary (but still possible) to create an air outlet to the outside.

Can I exhaust into the crawl space?

You can, if the crawl space is spacious, dry and well ventilated. With a wooden ground floor, this possibility is not recommended, because of the risk of air leakage.

Where to buy dust bags?

At your local supplier (usually your builder or installer), or directly from the importer. Dust bags are always in stock and are delivered, just like all other vacuum products, within a 2 working days.

order now

Can I see when my order will be delivered?

as soon as your order is sent you will receive an email with a track and trace code so you can easily follow your order here hoe dat werkt.

What is a VacPan?

A vacPan is a sweep inlet that is built into the baseboard of a kitchen. Using your hand or foot, you can open the sweep inlet and in the mean time activate your central vacuum. You sweep loose dirt towards the VacPan and it will be automatically removed by the vacuum system.

What to do in case of transport damage

Visible transport damage:

Is your order visibly damaged? If so, refuse the shipment and have the carrier confirm the damage on the bill of lading. It is also possible that the packaging is visibly damaged but you cannot immediately check whether the product in the packaging is also damaged. You can accept the delivery but always state on the freight document that you do so 'under reserve of damage'. Is the product damaged? Report the damage to AstroVac customer service within 24 hours after delivery, preferably with a digital photo of the damage.

Invisible transport damage:

If the transport damage is discovered only after opening the box, the product has normally been signed for as received and all claims for liability are rejected. In this case, the recipient must be able to make a plausible case that the carrier is to blame for the damage. Report the damage to AstroVac's customer service within 24 hours of delivery, preferably with a digital photo of the damage.

Customer Service:

Contact details for customer service can be found here


How long is the warranty?

The warranty on a new vacuum unit in commercial applications is 2 years. In domestic use this is 5 years.

And if I run into a malfunction?

Luckily, malfunctions with AstroVac systems are rare, but of course it can happen. The better you can describe the malfunction, the greater the chance that it can be solved by phone. Spare parts are always in stock.

Do I need to do any maintenance with an AstroVac system?

Zelf onderhouden

Maintenance is mainly limited to emptying and, if necessary, cleaning the unit once or twice a year. AstroVac vacuum units are equipped with carbon brushes. These maintain the electrical contact with the rotating part of the motor and are therefore subject to wear. Unnecessary preventive replacement is not recommended. Your supplier will be pleased to give you maintenance advice tailored to your installation and use.

Laten onderhouden

Je kunt je stofzuigsysteem ook laten onderhouden door de service- en onderhoudsdienst van AstroVac. Dat kan jaarlijks in de vorm van een preventief onderhoudscontract, of eenmalig op uurtarief. Klik hier voor een vrijblijvende prijsopgave.

Can a robot vacuum cleaner replace a regular vacuum cleaner?


Such an automatic robot vacuum cleaner seems convenient when you don't want to spend too much time on housework. You turn on the vacuum cleaner robot, go to work and come back to a clean house. Or is it not?

After all, a robot vacuum cleaner can:

  1. not vacuum the stairs
  2. not clean the furniture
  3. not get into corners
  4. not be used to vacuum the car
  5. remove spider webs
  6. not clean loose carpets
  7. not go around vases, cables, shoes etc.
  8. make no distinction between dust and 'pet accidents'
  9. frighten small children and pets
  10. consume a relatively large volume of electricity when not in use


A robotic vacuum cleaner does not vacuum as powerfully, but it can often get under low furniture just fine. When you turn a robot on every day, you need to vacuum less. The container where the dust ends up is small. Therefore you need to empty and clean the tray after every vacuuming. Also the rotating parts such as the brushes and wheels need to be cleaned regularly because hairs and dirt can get stuck in them. Such a part you usually have to unscrew. Hairs can be cut loose. The filter should be cleaned once a week and replaced every 1 to 2 months.

A robot vacuum cleaner is a gadget. A nice addition, but never a replacement.





What are the advantages of a 400V machine?

A central vacuum system on three-phase current generates enormous power and combines it with the highest degree of
reliability. A 400 V installation produces little noise, requires little maintenance and has a very long lifetime.

In addition, numerous convenience enhancing options are available, for example:
- fully automatic filter cleaning, by means of compressed air
- frequency inverter
- full indicator
- connection to the Intelligent Building System
- simultaneous use by several persons

Interested? Take a look at our 400V assortment..

When do I apply a 3-phase installation?

3-phase installations are applied in case of long lasting or continuous use (e.g. in production processes) and in larger premises which need to be vacuumed by several persons simultaneously. With a 3-phase power unit you can vacuum up to 12 persons simultaneously. In addition, 3-phase machines are used with (explosive) hazardous dust. Would you like to know more about 400V installations? Then take a look at our  InDust  website.