Advantages central vacuum system

There are several advantages to using a central vac. The biggest advantage is of course that all the dust is collected and vented to the outside. There are other advantages to using a central vacuum system. The system is a cleaner, stronger and quieter vacuum cleaner. The advantages of a central vacuum system in a row:

Extra clean

AstroVac vacuum units are equipped with an additional connection to discharge the dirty air directly to the outside. The dust is collected in the hoover. So you get rid of the dust and pests that have been vacuumed for 100%. It couldn't be any cleaner!

Extra powerful

AstroVac vacuum units have powerful motors and therefore much more suction power. A conventional vacuum cleaner with such a big motor would be much too heavy. AstroVac's central vacuum cleaners are wall-mounted and deliver the suction power you have always wanted.

Extra quiet

AstroVac central vacuum systems are always placed outside the living or working space. While vacuuming, you therefore only hear the sound of air movement and not the sound of the motor in the vacuum unit. You not only vacuum cleaner, but above all quieter. That is so pleasant!