High-quality central vacuum cleaning system for hygienic vacuuming

AstroVac has supplied a wide range of central vacuum systems, consisting of high-quality vacuum units and components. With many RF wall valve, to which - distributed throughout the building - the vacuum hose can be linked.

AstroVac - road dust

AstroVac guarantees you a dust-free and clean working and living environment by using a central vacuum cleaning system. Ideal for homes, shops, offices, veterinary practices, and of course gyms and health centres, among others!

Retraflex - road hose

Retraflex is the hose that stores itself. Always within reach and always ready for use. The hose of your AstroVac disappears into the wall. Just as easy and just as fast as you take it out. view the articles in the webshop

AstroVac supplies (note!) the original Retraflex 2 materials.

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MK25 - road noise

When you are looking for a central vacuum cleaning system with lots of suction and little noise, then the new MK25 vacuum unit surely something for you. The powerful Lamb motor makes this vacuum unit ideal for homes and similar applications with 1 to 10 dust contacts. 600 m² of floor space? With ease!

The MK25 accommodates a hose with electronic speed control on the handle. That is not an unnecessary luxury, as in many cases the exceptional suction power of 37 KPA will be too high. The noise level of this vacuum unit, on the other hand, is extremely low: at full power, only 55 dB. The MK25 is by far the quietest in the market!

AstroVac in the media

Installation Total is the platform for installation companies and consultants. Read here The news item on AstroVac.





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