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Retraflex hose storage system

Hygienic vacuuming: permanently dust-free with central vacuum systems

1 March 2019 The hose that stores itself. Always within reach and always ready to use. Your AstroVac's hose disappears into the wall. Just as easily and just as quickly as you take it out. With Retraflex, you have a flexible hose at hand for vacuuming at every dust contact. The hose [...]

Yes, jazz too!

Van Dijnsen Multitrading, as a Breda-based company, is very much in favour of The Jan Learbuch Orchestra & soloists. Jan Learbuch has been active in the theatre and music world for over 55 years, the last 40 of which as a jazz musician and 25 as a producer of concerts. For 17 years, Jan has been initiator and producer of, among others, the Swing [...]

MK25 - extremely quiet and strong

3 May 2017 The powerful Lamb motor makes the MK25 vacuum unit ideal for homes and similar applications with 1 to 10 dust contacts. 600 m² of floor space? With ease! Of course, this extremely quiet vacuum unit is also suitable for a hose with electronic speed control on the handle. Not an unnecessary luxury, as in many cases the exceptional [...]



2 May 2017 Are you already familiar with WallyFlex? A handy elastic hose, extendable up to 4 metres and always ready to use. Handy in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room or at the paper shredder. With 24V on and off switching of the vacuum unit, so lightning fast in operation. Available in white and black. Want to know more? Watch the video!

Hose rewind system DS

hose rewind system DS

4 May 2016 New in the range: Handy hose roll-up system for direct-start hose. Clamp the end of the hose in the holder and roll up the hose with a simple hand movement, without bending over. Includes mounting material and tightening knob. Colour: white. Diameter: 50 cm. Depth: 27 cm (including handle). Maximum hose length: 10 metres. Article number: 24003076.