Become a dealer

Authorised dealers have better conditions

The power of a partnership

At AstroVac, as a distributor you are assured of professional advice, the best products and a professional service.

Strong brand reputation

AstroVac has been successfully applied thousands of times in all possible applications since its introduction in 1979 and is recommended above average because of its high level of product reliability and its service.

Sales support

As a dealer, you can get free assistance at any time. By phone or on location, together with an AstroVac field sales representative who manages the design and sales process together with you. Especially in the initial period, we advise you to make use of this.

Direct deliveries

AstroVac installations are delivered directly to the dealer, with no built-in margins for wholesalers. This is how we keep prices low, while maintaining delivery speed and with the targeted advice that comes with it.

the best sales terms and conditions

We agree on competitive and challenging purchasing conditions with our dealers. This is a mutual interest, as we aim for long-term relationships.

The best product for a competitive price

Due to its buying volume, AstroVac is able to offer high end products at a very competitive level of pricing.

A large assortment

AstroVac carries the most comprehensive range, based on the experience and feedback of over 2,200 dealers and tens of thousands of users in the Netherlands and Belgium over the past 40 years.


AstroVac supplies its dealers at lightning speed. This applies to both complete systems and individual components. Depending on the time of ordering, your shipment is dispatched the same day or the day after at the latest. So you will always have your order at home within 1 to 2 working days.


All components are delivered from stock from the central warehouse. As a dealer you can also order spare parts to perform small repairs yourself and to keep your customers' installations in a good condition.

Spare parts

AstroVac delivers a wide range of spare parts and keeps them in stock for years so they will be available when you really need them.

Free delivery

We strive to keep costs as low as possible. Orders from € 250 are always delivered carriage paid. Orders with a lower order value are subject to a contribution of € 9.00 in shipping costs, regardless of the number of packages.

Return of goods

Leftover materials, provided they are in good condition, will be taken back at the price you paid for it. There is no return fee.

Brochures and manuals

Brochures and dutch manuals are provided free of charge.

Design and calculation department

Do you need advice? Then please contact the design and calculation department. Based on the drawing, you will receive a plan and detailed quotation free of charge.

Satisfied customers

As an AstroVac dealer you want to leave behind satisfied customers. That is what we do it for! Curious to know if customers think so too? here you can read their reviews

Several ordering options:

To make it as easy as possible for you, we offer several ways to order. Your time is precious, so we focus on quick delivery. You can order by telephone, by email or, if applicable, in person via one of our sales representatives. We also offer the option to order complete installations using the online configurator, and we have a well-organized webshop for individual components. online calculator to order, and we have a clear webshop for loose parts.

As an AstroVac dealer you can order in the webshop as follows: go to 'my account' and check once that you are or want to become a dealer. After approval by AstroVac, your conditions, if you are logged in, are immediately processed in the prices. You can settle your invoice afterwards.


AstroVac is manufactured in USA by one of the world market leaders in central vacuum systems. LMI is the only manufacturer worldwide that is exclusively focused on the development and production of central vacuum systems. And that is reflected in the quality of the products.


As a dealer, you can have defective parts repaired. With a lead time of usually only a few business days, you can minimize repair costs.

Make quotations online

With your dealer login code you can use the online configurator to quick-calculate your net material price online. online calculator calculate your net material price via the Internet at lightning speed.


The first step is easy. Fill in the contact form or (even better): call AstroVac!